Current issues

Bronze sculpture of New Forest Ponies in the Furlong, RingwoodThere are a number of issues the Ringwood Society is engaged in. For futher information on these or any others you feel we should be involved with, please contact the Ringwood Society.

Extension of the Furlong

The proposed extension of the Furlong shopping centre, to add more shops and link the existing centre to the Market Place, seems to have stalled. However there have been various recent planning applications to renew the existing permissions.

Old Cinema

Closely linked to the Furlong development is the development of the former cinema near the Market Place.This was to be converted into a restuarant, shops and flats. The facade has been recently tidied up but the back of the building is not the most attractive part of the town.

Market Place

Ringwood Town Council’s plan to enhance the Market Place Jubilee Lamp area and renew the sundail have been put on the back-burner for the time being.

The future of shopping in Ringwood

Traditional shopping High Streets are suffering across the country. This is especially concerning for Ringwood as the future of the conservation area relies on thriving shops and services. See the Chairman’s report in the Spring 2012 Ringwood Society newsletter for further comment.

Out-of-town shopping

It will be interesting to see if there are applications to locate out of town shopping on the commercial/industrial estates around the town. There are arguments for and against but it is vital to preserve a thriving conservation area.